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The Inspector Vapors Vaporizer

This is a brand new unit to market (early 2003). The unit combines the smoothness found with a water pipe, yet uses the smokeless technology of vaporization. Popularized by Eagle Bill in Amsterdam, this technique allows you to use a glass water pipe rather than a stand-alone vaporizer. Inspector Vapor's creator, TILO, formerly the rapper in Methods of Mayhem, is marketing this kit, which includes a 14" crooknecked water pipe, a large 3" deep glass bowl and a 1,200 watt hair dryer-shaped heat gun. This all comes packaged neatly inside an 18" long padded and lockable aluminum travel case.

We are awaiting our inspector vapors vaporizer, but as soon as we have received it and put it through its paces for a trial period, we will be sure to place a write up here on this site. We do have a nice picture though:

The inspector vapors vaporizer kit

For those of you who are interested in the different models of vaporizers out there, I would recommend reading the review done in January of 2003 at They review 3 of the top selling vaporizers on the market: The Air-2 Vapir unit, the Vapor Brothers Vaporizer and the BC unit by Rollies. Differnt heating methods such as convetion vaporization and remote heating vaporization are discussed as well.

We hope this brief explanation helps you on your quest for information about vaporizers. We would like to add that the vaporization of herbs has not been approved by the FDA to the best of our knowledge and using any of this information or products listed in this article is at your own risk.

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