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Vapor Brothers Update


Vapor Brothers has intruduced the second incarnation of their awesome vaporizer with the GNES heating element. The new unit has a completely custom designed heating element that they have spent over a year designing and putting into production. The unit has brought their failure rate down from 7% to less than 0.5%! Other refinements have also taken place and a updated line of accessories including the aroma bulb, mini whip and custom fumed, swirled and colored whips are all now available. This is great news. The only problem we ever hear of people having, was the heating element burning out after 9 months or so. These elements are said to be truly awesome and very durable. Vapor Brothers has also added a mini-wihp to their product lineup that is great for people looking to have fresh herbs on each whip load. The new unit and mini-whips can be purchased from Not to plug their site any more than we already do, but they are the only ones who carry and sell the Vapor Brothers units that we know of on line. More to come soon.

Who or what is Vapor Brothers?

The Vapor Brothers vaporizer came on the scene some time in 2002 with a great herbal vaporizer that mixes style and functionality at an affordable price. All of the Vapor Brothers units are hand made from cabinet grade plywood. But, don't let the word plywood throw you off, if you don't know what cabinet grade plywood is, it is the same stuff that the finest cabinets for high end kitchens are made out of. They look nice and they feel nice. Plus, the little guys are very durable compared to most vaporizers on the market today.

It is a two piece unit with the heating element located securely inside the wooden base unit and the "whip" which is made of glass and food grade plastic tubing. The base unit even has a cool light built in to the base for a little "mood" lighting for your vaporization sessions. The whip is where you place the herbs (that you should really grind using a Sweetleaf Grinder). The beauty of the design is the simplicity. The whip gives the user much more control over certain variables involved with vaporization. First, it allows the user to fine tune the temperature the herbs are subjected to. Sometimes you may have the base unit turned up a bit too high and you want to expose the herbs to less heat, no problem, just draw air in more quickly. This way the air drawn through the base unit increases and lowers the overall temperature the herbs are exposed to. Another great feature (a by product of the flexibility of the vapor brothers unit) is the amount of time it takes to heat up the base unit. If you turn the unit up all of the way, the unit will heat up in a minute or two. You can then either turn the unit down to your desired setting, or use it right away and vary the temperature using the airflow method described above, or by pulling the whip away from the heating element ever so slightly to allow even more unheated air into the mix.

Below is a picture of the Vapor Brothers herbal vaporizer. The picture is just of the base unit. The whip is basically a small glass piece with a screen in it attached to some tubing. You hold the glass piece up to the heating element seen in the middle of the opening on the front of the base unit.

The base unit of the Vapor Brothers herbal vaporizer

As you can see the unit is very compact. Measuring only 3.5 inches wide x 5 inches high x 6 inches long you won't even notice it on your end table. Plus, as I said earlier, the fit and finish of the unit is very good. Smaller and much more stable than most vaporizer units. Plus, it is much safer from the limited amount of glass that is used in the unit. Even if the unit were to get crushed I would seriously doubt there would be any problems with broken glass.

For those of you who are interested in the different models of vaporizers out there, I would recommend reading the review done in January of 2003 at They review 3 of the top selling vaporizers on the market: The Air-2 Vapir unit, the Vapor Brothers Vaporizer and the BC unit by Rollies. Differnt heating methods such as convetion vaporization and remote heating vaporization are discussed as well.

We hope this brief explanation helps you on your quest for information about vaporizers. We would like to add that the vaporization of herbs has not been approved by the FDA to the best of our knowledge and using any of this information or products listed in this article is at your own risk.

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