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The Vapir Digital Vaporizer

This is the vaporizer that will certainly change the way things are done in the world of vaporizers. Introduced in 2002, the Air-2 (Vapir) Digital Vaporizer uses microchip technology inside a space age plastic body and has single handedly revolutionized vaporization technology. One can only assume that within the near future there will be many more herbal vaporizers that use this kind of technology to increase the user's control over the vaporization experience. The microcontroller inside the unit controls the ceramic heating element (very high tech), which will last longer than conventional heating elements, in a more precise manner. Total time the element is on is limited to 20 minutes so that no undue stress is placed on the heating element and maximizing the lifetime of the unit. The microcontroller also allows the user to precisely control the vaporization temperature. This is probably the best feature of the Vapir. The user can recreate the best temperature they have found for each herb / herbal combination simply by setting the unit to whatever temperature works best for them.

You may be thinking that using a Vapir vaporizer is the wave of the future. You are correct. We have a corded and cordless unit and both work great. If you are planning on buying the cordless unit, I would recommend buying the supercharger and probably the car charger as well. This little beast can use up the batteries pretty quickly. But, that is the price you pay for being able to have a cordless vaporizer. As far as I know, there are no other cordless electronic vaporizers on the market.

Another cool feature of the Air-2 unit is its design. Made from space age plastic (in some cool colors), the unit just plain looks neat. Like the Vapor Brothers unit, it has a built in light to add a little "mood" to your vaporization session. I believe all of the lights are blue on the vapir units where as the Vapor Brothers units come with different color lights. Most people don't have any idea what the Vapir unit does. But, once you tell them that it is the wave of the future in aromatherapy devices, they want one themselves. Here is a picture of a cordless Vapir herbal vaporizer:

A cordless Vapir digital herbal vaporizer.

For those of you who are interested in the different models of vaporizers out there, I would recommend reading the review done in January of 2003 at They review 3 of the top selling vaporizers on the market: The Air-2 Vapir unit, the Vapor Brothers Vaporizer and the BC unit by Rollies. Differnt heating methods such as convetion vaporization and remote heating vaporization are discussed as well.

We hope this brief explanation helps you on your quest for information about vaporizers. We would like to add that the vaporization of herbs has not been approved by the FDA to the best of our knowledge and using any of this information or products listed in this article is at your own risk.

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